New service available: SAMPLE QUALITY ASSESSMENT

AUC servis temporarily out of order 

OPERATION IN CF BIC will be limited on September 17th - 18th, Initial trainings, ITC and AUC services will not be available. 


Dear users,

we would like to inform you about the CF BIC operation during the summer holidays. Due to the reduced number of CF staff on site, there will be a limited availability of some BIC services (AUC, ITC, crystallization). See the information below for more details. Also, the training of new users may not be possible all the time and we cannot guarantee full user support (advanced experimental support, consultation with experts). If you plan to undergo training for some instrument during the summer, we encourage you to contact us first and discuss the details in advance. Instruments in user mode should be available for trained users during the whole summer. In case of any questions, contact us via email (

Availability of services:

AUC services won’t be available on:

July:          8th – 12th, 22nd – 26th

August:   26th – 28th

September:   2nd

Crystallization services won’t be available on :

July:      available all days

August: 5th – 9th

ITC services will be limited on:

July:      15th – 19th

Have a great summer!

We would like to invite you to the 4th CF BIC User meeting.




  • CF BIC overview of past year
  • Future plans:
    • NEW sample quality service
    • nanoDSF news
    • future of crystallization at CF BIC
    • future investments
  • Upcoming workshops
  • Discussion


Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallization Core Facility is closed over the Christmas (December 22 to January 1). Also, some services/instruments may not be available between December 10-21 due to reduced number of CF staff on site (see the information below for more details).

Availability of services/instruments between December 10-21:

Crystallization: setting up of new crystallization plates available till 18/12, crystal storage and inspection is running continuously including Christmas time

AUC services: available till 20/12

Auto-iTC200: available till 14/12

SPR: not available

Instruments in user mode (CD, DLS, nanoDSF, MST, DSC, VP-ITC): available till 21/12, EXPERIENCED users only!

During this time (December 10-21) training of new users is not possible and we cannot guarantee full user support (advanced experimental support, consultation with experts).

Application of advanced methods in life sciences - November 14th 2018

We would like to invite you to series of lectures focusing on application of the advanced methods in life sciences - from CRISPR/Cas9 through the differences among various Tag types to possible methods for function assignment to unknown protein. There will be presented methods in structural virology as well as challanges in studying membrane interacting peptides. More information in events.

There will be a fallout of from Friday June 22nd 2018  (16:00) to  Monday June 25th 2018 (20:00). In case you need to make a reservation please contact us at

3rd European MicroCal User Meeting

Registrace na 3. Evropský MicroCal Meeting byla zahájena. Akce se bude zaměřovat na aplikaci, správnou laboratorní praxi a pokročilou analýzu dat a mimo jné i poslední vývoj na poli kalorimetrie - izotermální titrační kalorimetrie i diferenční skenovací kalorimetrie. 

Více informací: ZDE

AutoITC200 je opět funkční!

AutoITC200 bylo úspěšně opraveno a je opět funkční.

Zajímavý webinář zaměřený na kvalitu vzorku

-  Nanotemper Technologies

Prometheus NT. 48 byl upgradován!

S radostí vám oznamujeme upgrade přístroje Prometheus - nově je k dispozici optika pro detekci agregací a větší teplotní rozmezí (15°C-110°C).