Tech Watch series:  Differential scanning fluorimetry demo - September 22th  (+ August 23rd - online webinar), University Campus Bohunice, C04, registration HERE

Tech Watch series: Mass photometry Workshop: Demonstration of instrument for molecular size analysis - October 12th-13th (+ October 2nd - online webinar), University Campus Bohunice, C04, registration HERE

Past events:


Tech Watch series: NanoTemper Workshop: Affinity screening platform Dianthus - September 7th-8th, University Campus Bohunice, registration HERE

Bio-SAXS Practical Course 2023 - September 5th-6th 2023

Novel Drug Discovery & Delivery systems: Malvern Panalytical Biophysical Characterization Seminar - May 24th, University Campus Bohunice, E35/211, registration HERE

CalScreener workshop: Calorimetric instrument to measure the metabolic response in biological systems - April 12th - 13th, University Campus Bohunice, C04, registration HERE, The device is available as a demo till the middle of May 2023

Mini-workshop: Crystallography Loops: Handling and Maintenance - February 17th, University Campus Bohunice, C04, registration by E-mail

Internal workshop: Methods for characterization of Biomolecular Interactions - January 9th - 10th, University Campus Bohunice, C04


CANCELLED Nanotemper seminar: Meet the expert - September 6th, University Campus Bohunice, C04

Nicoya demo: SPR instrument Alto - July 26th - 28th, University Campus Bohunice, C04

Nanotemper workshop: Measure binding affinities and characterize your protein with NanoTemper Technologies - March 14th - 15th, University Campus Bohunice, E35/C04

Internal workshop: Methods for characterization of Biomolecular Interactions: Classical versus modern - February 1st - 2nd, University Campus Bohunice, C04

2021 :

AQS3pro Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy - demo, November 9th - 12th 2021, University Campus Bohunice, C04

CF Day Meeting - October 21st, 2021, in hybrid mode


5th CF BIC User meeting December 8th 2020, on-line

Analysis and optimisation of sample quality for cryo-electron microscopy and other structural techniques - February 2020



NanoTemper Technologies Symposium & Workshop - June 2019

​​4th CF  BIC User meeting - February 2019



Methods for characterisation of biomolecular interactions - January 2017

Microscale Thermophoresis lecture - April 2017

Surface Plasmon Resonance workshop - May 2017

Differential scanning calorimetry workshop - October 2017

Biomolecular crystallization workshop - October 2017


Isothermal titration calorimetry - March 2016

Microscale Thermophoresis lecture   -  April 2016


Microscale Thermophoresis and differential scanning fluorimetry workshop - November  2015


Current State-of-Art to Study Biomolecular  Interactions and Assemblies in Life Sciences   - November  2014