Robotics for protein crystallization

Technology / Methodology:
Crystallization of biomolecules

CEITEC MU, building A35, room 2S029

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallization


High-throughput protein crystallisation robotics with pipettors in microlitre and nanolitre volumes, robotics for manipulation with multiwell plates and needed SW and HW.

Crystallization screens available

  ScreenTypeInfo materials
  Qiagen - Nextal
  Classics SuiteB
  Classics II SuiteB
  Classics Lite SuiteB
  PACT SuiteB
  AmSO4 Suite

  ComPAS Suite

  MPD Suite

  PEGs Suite

  PEGs II Suite

  pH Clear Suite

  pH Clear II Suite

  Protein Complex Suite

  Cryos SuiteS
  Anions Suite

  Cations Suite

  Molecular Dimensions
  Clear Strategy I B
  Clear Strategy II B
  JCSG-plus B
  SG1 B
  Structure I + II B


  Morpheus II


  Helix N
  MemMeso M
  MemStart + MemSys M
  MemAdvantage M
  Stura Footprint + MacroSol S
  Calixar 2.0 additive kit M, S, (24)
  MemMagic Bicelle Screen kit M, S, (4)
  Hampton Research
  Natrix 1 + 2 N
  Additive Screen S
  Detergent Screen S
  Nucleic Acid Mini Screen N, (24)
  Ionic Liquid Screen S, (24)

B - basic screen, M - designed for membrane proteins, N - designed for nucleic acids,
S - screen for special purposes, (XX) - non-96well screen (number of conditions)

Heavy-atom screens available

  Screen Conditions Info materials
  Hampton Research

  Heavy atom screen Pt 12
  Heavy atom screen Hg 15
  Heavy atom screen M1 19
  Heavy atom screen M2 19

Josef Houser

phone: +420 549 49 25 26
​office : 3.39/A4

Jana Kosourová

phone: +420 549 49 83 14
​office : 3.39/A4