Technology / Methodology:
Crystallization of biomolecules

CEITEC MU,  building A4, room 2.23

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallization


Centeo’s TG40 is a portable, temperature-controlled microplate system designed to enable temperature optimization for vapour phase diffusion protein crystallization experiments. The TG40 system provides five rows of eight wells in a temperature controlled microplate and therefore it can accurately control and screen 5 different temperatures simultaneously, i.e. one set temperature per row.
The TG 40 uses a standard SBS 9mm pitch microwell for its sitting drop configuration microwells which is compatible with 90% of protein crystallisation workflows.

At 20ºC ambient the temperature range is 4ºC to 60ºC degrees ± 0.5°C

Measurement at TG-40 spectrometer is performed by users themselves.

For more details, please contact responsible person:

Josef Houser

phone: +420 549 49 25 26
​office : 3.39/A4