Dynamic light scattering: Xtal SpectroLight 600

Technology / Methodology:
​Interactions and characterization of biomolecules

CEITEC MU,  building A4, room 2.23

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallization


Dynamic light scattering is used for the analysis of protein solutions, aggregates, promiscuous inhibitors, buffers, nanoparticles, polymers or other products in solution. SpectroLight 600 can measure samples in plate fromat in submicroliter droplets. This enables direct detection of particles in crystallization plates.
Measurement of DLS Plate is performed by users themselves after training.

For more details, please contact responsible person:

Josef Houser​

e-mail: josef.houser@ceitec.cz
phone: +420 549 49 25 26
​office : 3.39/A4