Differential scanning fluorimetry

Technology / Methodology:
Interactions and characterization of biomolecules

CEITEC MU,  building A4, room 2.21

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallization


Prometheus precisely characterizes thermal unfolding, chemical denaturation and aggregation in a single run within broad temperature range  (15 - 110 °C). It is possible to measure up to 48 samples in one run with very small volumes (20 µl per sample).

Possibility to measure not only unfolding of the sample but also re-folding with controlled decrease of temperature. 

Backreflection optic allows to observe formulation of aggregation simultaneously with thermal unfolding. 

The measurement at nanoDSF is supposed to be performed by users themselves after training.

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Eva fujdiarová

e-mail: eva.fujdiarova@ceitec.muni.cz
phone: +420 549 49 78 22
office: 3.37/ A4

Josef Houser

e-mail: josef.houser@ceitec.cz
phone: +420 549 49 25 26
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