Differential scanning calorimetry

Technology / Methodology:
Interactions and characterization of biomolecules

CEITEC MU,  building A4, room 2.19

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallization


VP-DSC is differential scanning microcalorimeter with 500 µl volume of sample cell. DSC technique measures heat changes that occur in the (bio)molecule sample solution during a controlled increase or decrease in temperature, on the basis of a temperature difference between the sample and the reference material.

It is a valuable technique for the study of stability of samples in solution, technique providing fast and accurate determination of the transition midpoint Tm – when 50% of the biomolecules are unfolded. In addition, a complete thermodynamic profile is generated to understand the factors that affect conformation and stability - enthalpy (ΔH) of unfolding due to heat denaturation, also the change in heat capacity (ΔCp) of denaturation can be determined. DSC is a sensitive, easy-to-use technique that requires no assay development, labelling or immobilization. Filling of the cell is crucial for the accuracy. The operating temperature range is of -10°C to 130°C. Scanrates fall in the range of 0°C/hr to 90°C/hr in the upscan mode and 0°C/hr to -60°C/hr in the downscan mode.

Experiment at constant temperature (Isoscan) for shelf life studies or evaluating of the compound stability is also possible. 
The measurement at VP-DSC is supposed to be performed by user itself after training.

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Josef Houser

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