NanoTemper Technologies Symposium & Workshop

5 - 6/6/2019

MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) is a powerful technique to quantify biomolecular interactions. It is based on thermophoresis, the directed movement of molecules in a temperature gradient, which strongly depends on a variety of molecular properties such as size, charge, hydration shell or conformation.

During the 2-day workshop there will be a possibility to measure your own sample not only on Monolith (MST) but also on Prometheus (nanoDSF) and Tycho (protein quality). 


 PAWEL KANIA (NanoTemper Technologies)

  MAŁGORZATA POCZOPKO (NanoTemper Technologies)

WHEN:  June 5th – 6th 2019

WHERE: A35/211 (lectures), A4/218 (practicals)


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Wednesday - 5 th June 2019

08:30                   Registration

09:00                   Welcome (Michaela Wimmerová, CF BIC, CEITEC MU)

09:15                   Introduction to NanoTemper Technologies solutions - When interactions matter

                             (Paweł Kania, NanoTemper Technologies)

09:45                    When data quality matters - MST assay development and data analysis

                             (Małgorzata Poczopko, NanoTemper Technologies)               

10:15                   Coffee Break

10:45                   User's presentation (Aistė  Kasiliauskaitė , CEITEC MU)

11:15                   When high resolution protein stability assessment matters.

                             (Paweł Kania, NanoTemper Technologies)

11:45                   Lunch break (+ collective photo)

13:00                   Discussion of user’s samples

13:30                   Experimental work 

18:00                   Get together party

Thursday - 6 th June 2019

09:00                   User's presentation  (Filip Melicher, CEITEC MU)

09:30                   When protein sample quality matters. Tycho technology.

                             (Małgorzata Poczopko, NanoTemper Technologies)

10:00                   Coffee break

10:30                   User's presentation  (Zuzana Trošanová, CEITEC MU)

11:00                   User's presentation  (Olga Nováková, The Institute of Biophysics in Brno)

11:30                   Experimental work

13:00                   Lunch break

14:00                   Experimental work

16:00                   Closing remark