Advanced crystallization techniques

Technology/ Methodology:
Crystallization of biomolecules

Research group:
CF: Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystalization


Optimization of protein crystal production in large scale (manual setting), Membrane protein crystallization techniques, Crystallization by dialysis or using capilaries. The service price is calculated individually. Contact the responsible person for details.

Heavy-atom screens available

  Screen Conditions Info materials
  Hampton Research

  Heavy atom screen Pt 12
  Heavy atom screen Hg 15
  Heavy atom screen M1 19
  Heavy atom screen M2 19
  Jena Biosciences

  JBS Magic triangle 1
  Lanthanide phasing kit 10

Individual compounds available as single reagents in powder or stock solutions.

You may also want to check instrument for crystallization temperature optimization:


For more details, please contact responsible person:

Josef Houser

phone: +420 549 49 25 26
​office : 3.39/A4